Advocating for Better Mental Health Across El Paso, TX

We train local groups in trauma-informed care

All reactions and behaviors are a result of past events and traumas. When something bad happens to us, our brains form a trauma response that helps us avoid a similar traumatic experience. So to get to the root of any mental health or behavioral issue, we must first treat the trauma that caused it through trauma-informed care.

That's why El Paso Child Guidance Center advocates for trauma-informed care throughout the El Paso, TX community. By offering mental health education and outreach, we hope to increase trauma-informed care awareness and practices for children, teens, adults and families.

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Support those who support youth

El Paso Child Guidance Center offers training and peer support to local agencies that work with children and youth. We have worked with:

  • Child Protective Services
  • El Paso County Juvenile Probation Department
  • El Paso school districts
  • Educational service centers
  • Federally qualified health centers

We'll coordinate a trauma-informed care team in your organization to act as first responders to a child in need. And we'll help ensure your organization is culturally grounded, client-centered and empowering for all children and families.

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