Don't Let Your Students Suffer

Provide counseling for children at your El Paso, TX school

Advocating for children who are struggling to overcome mental health challenges is the first step in harboring a successful and happy future. Partner with El Paso Child Guidance Center in El Paso, TX to equip your teachers and staff with the resources they need to offer better mental health practices at school. We provide training, educational mental health workshops and peer support to school counselors, teachers and administrators, so you can provide better support and counseling for the children at your school.

Call today to schedule training courses or workshops so your staff can learn how to provide counseling for children.

Be attentive to your students' needs

The harsh reality of being a school teacher is that you may see your students more than their parents do. This means that you may be the one to spot mental and physical issues the child is facing. That's why El Paso Child Guidance Center offers mental health workshops and resources for school systems.

We can teach you how to spot the warning signs of:

  • Abuse or neglect at home
  • Bullying or peer pressure at school
  • Behavioral issues in the classroom

Contact us today to schedule mental health workshops for your faculty and staff.