Nourish Your Child's Mental Health

Consider counseling or behavioral health services in El Paso, TX

Sometimes children act out in response to trauma. Sometimes youth and adolescent teens don't quite know how to manage their emotions. All of these things are normal, but they don't have to affect your everyday life.

Give your child the counseling and behavioral health services they need at El Paso Child Guidance Center in El Paso, TX. We are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children and families by providing mental health services, education, and awareness in a safe environment.

Supporting children, parents and teachers

The El Paso Child Guidance Center serves children and youth, their families and those who support them through quality, innovative and evidence-based counseling services that include treatment, prevention and recovery.

Since 1954, we've functioned as a mental health center providing quality counseling for children and families managing a variety of mental health challenges, such as

  • Trauma-related conditions
  • Grief and depression
  • Challenging behaviors at home and school
  • Parenting concerns
  • Everyday stress and anxiety

In response to community need, our organization has expanded our services to include training and support for caregivers and staff in fellow youth-serving roles. Our commitment remains focused on healing and enhancing resiliency for all those we serve.

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Create a positive future for your child

Is your child suffering from trauma, abuse or neglect? In our programs, we incorporate trauma-informed care (TIC) - a strengths-based service approach that anticipates, addresses and avoids individual processes and practices that can stigmatize and retraumatize individuals. Results from trauma therapy show that client engagement and treatment outcomes improve when services are rooted in evidence-based principles and practices.

El Paso Child Guidance Center has been recognized locally, state-wide and nationally for our leadership and expertise on TIC, so you can trust our local therapists to care for your child and lead them toward a positive future.

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